LED Bulbs is a revolutionary lighting product, literally a magic bulb that is designed for markers with power shortages.

(A) Operation

The product can be used like any regular bulb, screwing on to the socket and letting it run normally.

In the event of a power failure, the advanced intelligent power monitoring circuit takes over and and the bulb continues to run, fully controlled by the regular wall switch. Turn the switch on and the bulb will turn on, with or without power and turn the switch off, just as easily!

‘The bulb can run for 25 hours with its own power source, after a 3 hour charge (0% to 1000/o) — which means almost 3 to 4 nights! of  worry free lighting, even without any power.

(B) Comparison

LED Bulb 9 W gives 900 lumen.

Philips 12.5 W gives 800 lumen,Osram 10W gives 806 Lumen and GE 13W gives 800 lumens